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The Importance of Annual Cold-Water Storage Tank Inspections

Annual inspections of cold-water storage tanks are not just a regulatory requirement but also a crucial aspect of maintaining water hygiene standards within your establishment. These inspections are vital to ensure both the structural integrity of the tank and the quality of the water it holds, particularly during warmer months when temperature control becomes paramount.

To adhere to these regulations, it is imperative to enlist the expertise of a trained Water Hygiene Technician. These technicians are equipped to thoroughly inspect the cold water storage tank, meticulously documenting its condition in the monitoring log book. Should any discrepancies be found, they follow established protocols, escalating issues as per the chain of command outlined in the control scheme, and executing remedial actions promptly to ensure the tank’s continued functionality within appropriate timelines.

During the inspection process, both the interior and exterior of the tank are inspected, along with the quality of the water it contains. Key points of assessment include ensuring a tightly fitting and undamaged lid, the presence of insect and vermin screens on overflow and warning pipes, proper lagging to maintain water temperature, absence of biofilm or stagnation signs on the water surface, and correct positioning of inlet and outlet to prevent stagnation.

At Dantek, we specialize in conducting comprehensive tank inspections at your hospitality site, whether as a one-time service or as part of a water hygiene monitoring contract. Our process is streamlined through our cloud-based electronic logging system, providing you with easy access to inspection outcomes and recommendations.

Here’s a glimpse of what our inspection entails:

  • External and internal condition documentation through photographs
  • Recording tank dimensions and insulation integrity
  • Verifying proper inlet-outlet positioning
  • Assessing lid tightness and overflow screen adequacy
  • Ensuring sufficient access for maintenance and cleaning
  • Checking operability of isolation valves and inlet valve condition
  • Monitoring water temperatures at different points
  • Evaluating sediment coverage at the base of the tank
  • Detecting the presence of biofilm and ensuring water clarity
  • Identifying any leaks or signs of leakage
  • Verifying correct labeling of the cold water storage tank
  • Providing detailed recommendations for further action, including clean and disinfection if necessary

Our goal is to not only meet regulatory requirements but also to safeguard the health and safety of your guests and staff by maintaining optimal water hygiene standards. Should our inspection reveal the need for clean and disinfection, we are prepared to provide you with a comprehensive quote for the required work.

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