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Legionella Monitoring Contracts

Legionella Monitoring

Your tailor-made legionella support package

Once you know that your systems are safe and the risk of legionella is controlled, we’ll help you keep it that way with one of our convenient monitoring and support contracts. Each one is created just for you to give total peace of mind that your site is following best practice for legionella control.

Our technicians will visit on a regular basis to carry out temperature checks, tank inspections, showerhead cleaning and calorifier checks. All of the results are recorded and if anything does not meet the current guidance, you’ll be made aware of it, so you can take swift action to put it right.

What our legionella monitoring contracts offer you

Our legionella monitoring contracts are put together on an individual basis, so they exactly meet the needs of your building. However, every contract will include these features as part of the starting package:

  • Cold water storage tank inspections
  • Showerhead cleaning and disinfection
  • Temperature testing of your hot and cold systems
  • All calorifier checks
  • Free access to a cloud based logbook with full reporting functionality
  • All microbiological testing

Once your initial risk assessment has been carried out, and our recommendations actioned, we’ll devise a monitoring schedule that’s designed specifically for your site to ensure you stay compliant with current HSE guidance for legionella control.

Throughout the year, we are here to help you with any aspect of legionella compliance. Whether you want us to train your staff to carry out some of the monitoring tasks – or handle all monitoring and recording of your water hygiene practices, you can trust Dantek to do it for you.

Want to find out more? Call us on 01454 417920 or email us here.

Desktop screen and smartphone

Stay informed with our free electronic logbook

An important aspect of a legionella risk assessment is identifying management responsibilities and defining who is the “Responsible Person” to manage legionella control for a building.

The Responsible Person is often the building manager or estates manager who has a duty to keep on top of the legionella monitoring data to ensure the risk is managed.  This can become increasingly difficult in large complex sites when using a paper-based system so we have developed our cloud based legionella monitoring software to make it easier to spot trends and take action to ensure compliance.  Legionella monitoring data must be kept for 5 years so moving on-line makes complete sense and provides peace of mind.

To help you stay in control of what’s happening at your site, we’ve created an innovative electronic water hygiene logbook. This is available free of charge to all of our customers and uses the very latest mobile and web technology to give you up-to-date information, day or night.

While similar to the traditional paper logbooks, our electronic version is much more user-friendly and gives real-time information about whether your systems are complying with ACoP L8 and HSG 274. It also reminds you if any scheduled tasks have been missed.

Here are all the features you can expect from our free electronic water hygiene logbook:

  • Simple traffic light system for recurring non-compliances.
  • Real-time access to compliance data from any online device.
  • Secure document management for risk assessments, reports, certificates and audits.
  • Improved productivity and accountability from your field service engineers.
  • Reporting on defects and analysis of trends.
  • Data that can easily be exported into Excel.
  • Stores photographs of your tank inspections and servicing tasks.
  • Sends urgent emails to alert you of non-compliance.

Tried and tested

Dantek’s electronic water hygiene logbook is already being used with great effect by customers such as Millfield School, Gloucester University, Marlborough College, The National Farmers Union and many more.

On a day-to-day basis, it will help you spot and react to any problems caused by legionella and instantly identify any issues that expose you to increased risk or non-compliance.

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