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Closed System Treatments – LTHW and Chilled

Closed System Water Treatment Regime – LTHW And Chilled

Quarterly testing that ticks all the boxes

If you’re running a LTHW or chilled system, you need a comprehensive water treatment regime in place. This will help you control the corrosion of metal parts, microbial growth, and the build-up of scale and other deposits.

A regular health check for your closed systems

It’s a requirement under BSRIA, BG50 and BS8552 that your closed systems are tested for chemical and microbial water quality on a quarterly basis. This ensures that system integrity is maintained, and that your closed system keeps running at peak efficiency.

At Dantek, we have the knowledge and experience it takes to carry out a comprehensive water treatment regime that meets all compliance standards and provides effective control for:

  • Corrosion of system metals
  • Microbial growth
  • Scale deposition
  • Suspended solids deposition
  • Anti-freeze protection
  • Pseudomonas protection and eradication
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