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Chemical Dosing and Control Equipment

Chemical Dosing Unit

Chemical dosing pumps

Correct dosing of chemicals is vital to ensure your system is protected and running as efficiently as possible. Dantek supply and install many types of dosing and control equipment and offer advice on the best way to set up a water treatment regime safely and effectively.

We provide dosing equipment for many uses including boiler, cooling and effluent water treatment.

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Cooling towers

Effective chemical dosing equipment is needed to ensure a cooling tower water is treated to control issues with corrosion, scale, and legionella bacteria.

We install and manage dosing equipment to ensure efficiency and safety. Dantek supply, install and support a range of automatic bleed and dosage systems including remote monitoring capabilities and cloud connectivity. Dantek are able to service and support all major brands of dosing pumps and dosage equipment including; Grundfos, Prominent, LMI, Pulsatroll, Iwaki and more.

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Dose pots

Dose pots are required to dose corrosion inhibitors and biocides into closed and chilled systems.

Dantek can install dose pots and offer regular monitoring contracts to ensure closed systems are correctly treated. Dantek also offer a range of automatic dosage, control and monitoring systems for closed heating and chilled circuits, these include corrosion monitoring, and sidestream filtration for common parameters such as dissolved iron or pseudomonas.

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Chlorine dioxide units

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