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Cooling Towers and Steam Boilers

Water Treatment For Cooling Tower Or Steam Boiler

Water treatment to keep you up and running

Water is particularly good at cooling things down or transferring heat. The only problem is that it contains impurities which can cause corrosion, scale build-up or the formation of debris and bacteria. That’s where Dantek can help you.

A chemical treatment for any situation

Water treatment for cooling tower or steam boilerWork with Dantek, and together we can put in place an expertly designed and implemented water treatment regime for your cooling tower or steam boiler. One that will help prevent many common problems, prolong the life of your equipment and ensure the safe running of your system.

We’re experts when it comes to delivering water treatment systems, so you can rely on us to help you get it right. And that also includes conserving water and lowering your impact on the environment – something that we’re always committed to.

Cooling towerOur treatment regimes are designed to ensure you stay compliant with the ACoP L8, BS2486 and include the supply of chemicals. Even better, they can be combined with a bespoke maintenance package that’s tailored to your exact requirements – making it easy for you to stay on top of everything and deliver the best performance possible.

Accurate control of boiler feedwater chemistry is essential if costly problems associated with plant failure, system reliability, poor steam quality and poor thermal efficiency are to be avoided.

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