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Water Softener Servicing

Water Softener

Eliminate scale in a cost effective and reliable way

Dantek are a one stop shop for all your commercial water softener needs, from light duty units to large industrial installations. We offer free advice on all aspects of water softener ownership. We can assist in production of cost benefit calculations and size requirements through to calculation of running costs.

Our specialist team supply and install water softeners to suit all applications and we offer an industry leading two-year parts and labour guarantee on all our installations.

  • Dantek can fix, refurbish and service all major manufacturers of water softener equipment including Fleck, Clack, Siata and Autotroll. Most water softeners are sold rebadged by distributors so do not worry if your softener is not on the list, please give us a call.
  • We offer a range of water softener service contracts to ensure the softener is well maintained and functioning effectively.
  • Dantek provide training and support for your staff to complete the day to day checks and maintenance tasks.
  • We also sell consumables such as tablet salt and harness test kits to ensure you have everything you need.

Book a softener service now . Call us on 01454 417920 or email us here.

Issues of hardness and scale

Water softenersThe buildup of scale in commercial water systems is problematic in several ways; it causes damage to systems and drives up running costs. It may also encourage and exacerbate health and safety concerns such as the risk of legionella bacteria.

Scale directly reduces plant life through increased system corrosion, accelerated burnout of heating elements, blocking of strainers, failed pump seals and restrictions of flow.

Scale is a very effective thermal insulator and is attracted to hot surfaces in water systems. This decreases the heat transfer efficiency (from heating element to water) driving up energy usage and associated costs. This also leads to overheating, burnout of heating elements, and blockages in heat exchanger surfaces.

Scale is a useful source of both nutrients and habitat for bacteria. Encouraging bacterial growth including legionella is undesirable for both water quality and safety. Bacteria in closed water systems are also significant causes of accelerated corrosion, examples include pseudomonas, nitrite reducing bacteria and sulphite reducing bacteria.

6 top uses of commercial water softeners

Water softener units

  1. Domestic hot water systems and calorifiers
  2. Commercial kitchen equipment including dishwashers
  3. Steam generation plant including steam boilers, steam generators
  4. Air conditioners and humidifiers
  5. Cooling towers and adiabatic coolers
  6. Manufacturing process systems

Find out more about water softener servicing frequency.

Water softeners – the basics

Water softeners all operate in the same way, hard water is percolated over a resin bed and the beads in the resin bed replace the scale forming hardness ions with ions that do not precipitate as scale. This is a process called ion exchange.

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