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Legionella Risk Assessments

Legionella Risk Assessments By Qualified And Highly Experienced Engineer

Helping you stay compliant with the ACoP L8

To ensure you’re compliant with the ACoP L8, the Health & Safety Executive’s legionella guidance, the first step is to have a Legionella risk assessment carried out. And that’s something Dantek Environmental Services can do for you.

At Dantek, our aim is to make the process of risk assessment as straight forward as possible for you. We’ll undertake a thorough check of your property, and explain in plain and simple terms, where any risks lie. Then we’ll show you what you need to do to reduce the risk of legionella bacteria in your system.

Following the ACoP L8 guidance is really important for your workplace. It’s true they’re not enforceable by law, but if you don’t comply with them, you will be breaking the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and the COSHH regulations.

Although most of our work comes from the education sector, healthcare, housing or commercial properties, we have the skills and experience to handle a risk assessment in any setting.

Risk Assessment

If you ask us to work with you, we’ll carry out a comprehensive check of your property and provide you with full documentation. But we’ll also talk you through everything we find, so you know exactly what you’re dealing with.

This is what your risk assessment includes:

  • A full survey carried out by one of our qualified and highly experienced risk assessors.
  • A register of any systems within your property that fall within the ACoP L8 guidance.
  • AUTOCAD schematic drawings of your complete water system.
  • A report on the current condition of your water system and water storage tanks.
  • A check on whether your water temperatures are satisfactory to control legionella.
  • Photographs of any identified risk areas.
  • A full explanation of our findings and what you need to do to achieve ACoP L8 compliance.
  • A plan for on-going maintenance.
  • Documentation to show you’re taking the right steps towards compliance.
  • Access to an online logbook containing all your information, reports and data.

The cost of your legionella risk assessment could be as little as £320 for a single site. That’s the price for a standard domestic hot and cold system with a cold water storage tank, calorifier, showers and outlets. And that includes the risk assessment, full report and a logbook for monthly monitoring. The cost can be reduced for multi-site customers and even further for systems with low risk systems such as point of use water heaters only.

The final price depends on the size of your property, how complex your systems, and whether you need us to inspect a single site or multiple locations. But we’ll always be happy to provide you with a tailored quotation before going ahead.

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